If there’s anything in life that can convince us humans that we are capable of accepting and can love what we once considered repugnant, I present: the brinjal. Young Tony would have rather eaten the scrapings off his Bata chappal than a mouthful of eggplant. But Old Tony? All I’m saying is, Don’t look away from that platter of roasted aubergine.

Asha’s Mashed Tadka’d Taters

February, 2006

I love this recipe for its simplicity. And for the fact that its got a tadka. Because as the Devil well knows, I’ll sell my soul for any meal with a tadka in it. What to do? I’m pretty cheap, that-a-way!

Serves 4

3 large potatoes
2 tsps oil 
4-5 curry leaves
2 green chillies
1⁄2 tsp cumin seeds
1⁄4 tsp tumeric powder
Salt to taste

Fill a pot with water and boil potatoes till they’re soft.
Drain pan, skin taters, mash.
Keep aside.
Heat oil.
When smoking, toss in curry leaves followed by g. chillies.
Next cumin seeds.
Watch ’em since they’re going to fry and burn in no time.
Sprinkle tumeric powder into pan.
Now while the ‘tadka’ sizzles, add it to the mashed potoatoes.
Give everything a good old smash and mash.
Add dashes of salt between mashing; check for taste.
There you go.
The desi version of mashed potatoes.